Why We Give: D’Amico Family, Firm Provide Continuous Support

DAmico Family
Chris D’Amico, Frank D’Amico Jr., and Frank D’Amico III

Frank D’Amico III was surprised to discover, outside a few long-time Ascension St. Vincent’s Associates, his BTC Wholesale Distributors has the longest consecutive giving record of any Ascension St. Vincent’s Foundation donor.

“I was not tracking how high we were as far as dollars and cents, but we are among the highest consistent supporters,” says this Foundation board member. “Our giving began with my father, whose contributions were in honor of my grandparents, Frank and Lena D’Amico and Paul and Frances Ross. My dad’s parents were born in Italy. My grandparents left a real legacy, and my dad wanted to honor them.”

Frank D’Amico, Jr. says he gives out of gratitude.

“My father spoke broken English, but he was able to start this Birmingham company that I could build on because of his good name. My sister worked at Ascension St. Vincent’s when it was only a red brick building. And our whole family was blessed by knowing the Bruno family. When I saw the Bruno Cancer Center, I was inspired by their example to give money for an exam room.”

Chris, the fourth-generation in the family business, also serves on the Foundation’s Junior Board. He says the family’s Ascension St. Vincent’s ties are “kind of in our DNA. It was ingrained in us. It’s always been very important in our family to give back through charitable organizations, in particular to Ascension St. Vincent’s and Catholic Charities. It’s part of who we are.”

The family’s consistency inspires Foundation leaders. Not only has the D’Amico family provided financial support to the Foundation every single year for 34 years, but they also provide other support, through their leadership on our Foundation and Junior Boards, and as advocates for our healing ministry in the community. We are so thankful for this family’s investment in Ascension St. Vincent’s mission.

When asked why their family firm has given so dependably, all three D’Amico’s cite a faith-based motivation to support the healing ministry of Ascension St. Vincent’s.

Frank, Jr. says he can’t thank God enough for all his blessings. “Ascension St. Vincent’s has been so good to us. Even if we are not huge givers, we can be consistent ones.”

Frank, III says he’s impressed by how donations are managed. “I sit on the Foundation’s allocations committee and see how Ascension St. Vincent’s funds are used so prudently and efficiently. In today’s climate, hospitals have to make some tough choices. But Ascension St. Vincent’s donors should know their donations are appreciated, needed, and used wisely.”

Chris says he is grateful for the opportunity to help. “The hospitals and the Foundation provide so many good things for people who lack healthcare, and we all want to honor that and help continue it. It was an honor to be asked to serve on the Junior Board, because Ascension St. Vincent’s is really making a difference in people’s lives.”

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