Why We Give: Wadsworths’ Endowment Supports Chilton County “Family”

Jim Wadsworth
Jim & Debbie Wadsworth
Jim & Debbie Wadsworth

Jim Wadsworth remembers the moment he heard Ascension St. Vincent’s might build a hospital in Clanton. “I thought that would be a home run,” says Jim, who owned Clanton-based Wadsworth Oil Company before his 2020 retirement. “I knew I wanted to support that effort. Since 2016, Ascension St. Vincent’s has been the best thing that ever happened to Chilton County.”

That’s why Jim and Debbie Wadsworth have established an Ascension St. Vincent’s Chilton endowment. Although they now live in Homewood, Debbie says Jim’s commitment to the area is rooted in his high regard for those who helped him build his business there. “Jim wants to give back to the place where he spent almost 40 years of his life,” she says. “The people of Chilton County are extremely generous, and it’s amazing how they support their local community. We have so many friends and people who worked for Jim that have been like family to him, and we hear all the time about their great experiences at the hospital.”

“Two of my friends have told me Ascension St. Vincent’s Chilton saved their lives,” Jim says. “They wouldn’t have made it to a hospital further away. I’m now honored to serve on the Foundation board, seeing first-hand how a thankful community and grateful patients support all five of the hospitals. I decided that if I gave this gift as an endowment, it would still be useful even when I’m no longer here, allowing Ascension St. Vincent’s to draw off the earnings to help sustain future needs.”

Ascension St. Vincent’s Chilton Administrator Shanon Hamilton says that even though the hospital is new, it requires similar thoughtful donors to maintain and sustain its services for the years ahead. “We are very grateful for this long-term gift,” he says. “The Wadsworths’ generosity demonstrates their love for this community, as well as their commitment to the Ascension St. Vincent’s mission.”

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