Love for Camp Bluebird Prompts Legacy Gift

Olivia Davidson
Olivia Davidson

Since 2015, Olivia Davidson has served as a Camp Bluebird volunteer. Her sisters also volunteer, driving from Georgia and using vacation time for camp time.

“It’s become a family affair,” said Davidson, who helps with registration. “We make gift bags, sort and fold T-shirts, and make cute little door tags (bluebirds of course!) so campers can easily find their rooms. Then we get everybody checked in, and the fun begins!”

Founded in 1985, Camp Bluebird is America’s first adult cancer camp, where survivors gather for three days and two nights for sharing, educational workshops, and activities. The camp is sponsored and fully funded by Ascension St. Vincent’s Foundation and private donations.

“Camp Bluebird is a wonderful experience,” said Davidson. “The campers are full of love and support for each other.”

Though a 10-year cancer survivor, Davidson has never been to Camp Bluebird as a camper. She simply responded to an urgent call for camp volunteers to hospital volunteers, thinking she was signing up to stuff a few envelopes. Four days of hard work later, she was hooked.

“Because of my love for Camp Bluebird and the Foundation,” said Davidson, “I’ve named them as a beneficiary on my IRA.”

When you name a charity as a beneficiary to receive your IRA upon your death rather than donating retirement assets during your lifetime, your estate will not be required to pay income taxes on the distribution of these assets. Because charities do not pay income tax, the full amount of your retirement account will directly benefit the charity of your choice. Won’t you consider choosing Ascension St. Vincent’s Foundation of Alabama? Contact Jennifer Carter, Director of Donor Engagement, at 205-558-3858 or visit to learn more.

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