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Arts in Medicine
Volunteer pianist Carol Alston plays for patient Brenda Barham, under the supervision of Occupational Therapists Elyse Young and Stephen Parker

Ascension St. Vincent’s Ministry Formation is delighted to welcome UAB Arts in Medicine (AIM) to two campuses, made possible by the generous support of Ascension St. Vincent’s Foundation. The AIM program was founded to incorporate the arts into a healthcare setting. It strives to transform the care environment and enhance well-being and healing through creative arts experiences for patients, families, and staff.

According to Ministry Formation Manager Megan Everett, the AIM program began as an associates-only effort, with artists making rounds in each hospital to bring 15-minute arts-related sessions into areas where associates work.

“Whether it’s music, movement, or painting, everyone has the opportunity to participate,” she said. “It gives them a break in their day, and it’s great for community building as they connect through different types of activities than what they normally do.”

St. Vincent’s AIM programming has been expanded to now include outreach to patients and visitors. A violinist now plays in common areas at both Ascension St. Vincent’s East and Ascension St. Vincent’s Birmingham.

“Anyone on campus will be able to benefit from the presence of the arts in our hospitals,” Everett said.

Kim Mayer, volunteer services supervisor at Ascension St. Vincent’s East, recently saw the beneficial effects of music on a patient.

“I was in the atrium when a therapist brought a patient to hear someone play the piano there,” she said. “I could tell the patient was soothed by the music, and the therapist encouraged her to do stretches in time with it. The pianist kept playing as long as they were there. I could tell it meant a lot to that patient.”

Participating in creative activities helps alleviate suffering and nurtures souls. To support Arts in Medicine at St. Vincent’s, please call the Foundation office at 205-558-3850.

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