Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Kim Mayer and Dianne Guthrie

Dianne Guthrie & Kim Mayer

If anyone understands that some of life’s greatest rewards come from serving others, Kim Mayer and Dianne Guthrie do. Thanks to their roles as volunteer supervisors – Mayer for Ascension St. Vincent’s East, Ascension St. Vincent’s St. Clair, and Ascension St. Vincent’s Blount; Guthrie for Ascension St. Vincent’s Birmingham, Ascension St. Vincent’s Chilton, and Ascension […]

Why I Volunteer: Ruth White’s Time-Talent-Treasure Mission Investment

Melvin and Ruth White

When Ruth White retired as director of Ascension St. Vincent’s Birmingham Emergency Department last year, she thought she had closed her 41-year chapter of “serving all persons with special attention to those who are poor and vulnerable.” However, after being asked to serve as a hospital volunteer, she remembered how her personal and professional goals […]

Why We Volunteer: Youngest Family Member Follows Multi-generation Service Tradition

Lynn Larussa & Honey

Honey can barely wait to see her friends again. By early 2020 Honey, the youngest (and furriest) member of Benny and Lynn LaRussa’s family, had visited Ascension St. Vincent’s Bruno Cancer Center every week for more than two years. When she and Lynn routinely exited the Center’s door in March, they couldn’t imagine a pandemic […]